Violaine and Claude are industrial inventors. Back in 1988 and with capital of only $300, they dreamed of launching their first company, then sold it four years later. They dreamed again, launched a second company, sold it again, and continued to dream from rags to riches.

After the sale of every invention, the couple bought croissant and champagne - and with the rest of the money invested in cities famous for innovation. Claude and Violaine are Ivy League educated, went to Yale and Columbia Universities and currently live between Paris and New York with their two children.

In 1997, Claude and Violaine founded NWSI (National Women Society for Innovation) a not-for-profit organization promoting innovation. Patrons who donate to NWSI chose from an array of exciting gifts ranging from products on our web site, to free personalized lessons, books and/or a week in Paris, New York or Geneva, cities known to strive on innovation.

With respect to Paris, the properties are steps from the river and Notre Dame, and within walking distance to all sightseeing. Our patrons are professors, students, honeymooners, artists or anyone sharing our awe for the innovative spirit of Paris. Our patrons formed indelible memories and ever since we continue to thank our community wholeheartedly.

Claude and Violaine Galland


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